New JHND Editorial Board

edbdThe new editorial board for JHND is confirmed as:


Professor Simon Langley-Evans
Deputy Head of School of Biosciences
University of Nottingham

Associate Editor-in-Chief and Review Editor

Dr Kevin Whelan
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
King’s College

Associate Editors

S Burden, University of Manchester, UK
C Green, Nutricia, Netherlands
J Lovegrove, University of Reading, UK
S Sharma, University of Alberta, Canada

Regional Editor for Australasia

Prof. Helen Truby
Monash University
Monash Medical Centre

Regional Editor for North America

Dr Johanna Dwyer
Tufts University

Editorial Board

A Adamson, University of Newcastle, UK
A Anderson, University of Dundee, UK
J Bauer, University of Queensland, Australia
J Brug, VU University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
P Collins, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
M Hickson, Imperial College London, UK
I Lemieux, Laval University, Canada
S Lennie, Robert Gordon University, UK
A Madden, University of Hertfordshire, UK
E Myers, US Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
A O’Sullivan, University College Dublin, Ireland
A Roefs, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
J Swift, University of Nottingham, UK
M van Bokhurst, VU University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
L Williams, University of Sheffield, UK


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