The first 40 days in the hot seat






I have now been the Editor-in-Chief of JHND for 40 days and contrary to the message conveyed by the picture, it has been a very enjoyable experience. Politicians often review what they have achieved after 100 days in office, but at JHND we are far more stringent, so I thought I would post a few words to convey the things that have been achieved so far.



  1. We now have a brand new Editorial Board, which gives JHND a firm presence through North America, Australasia, the UK and Europe.  
  2. There have been 64 submissions (34 original submissions, 30 resubmissions) since the 1st January, so it looks as though 2013 may see an increase in the number of submissions over previous years.
  3. The Associate Editors have worked wonders and our turnaround time is improving dramatically. We will soon be achieving the target of a first decision being provided to authors within 6 weeks. 
  4.  The hand-over of the Editor-in-Chief role also generated a backlog of accepted papers that could easily fill the journal page budget for the whole of 2013. This will be cleared by running a supplemental issue, in which all of the papers will be open access.
  5. I have been working hard to engage with social media in order to raise the profile of the journal. There is now, of course this JHND Editor’s blog and we also have a journal Twitter account (@JHNDEditor). The social media allow us to post up papers as they go on to Early View, giving readers more warning of the articles which will appear in the journal. 

 Overall, I think this has been a highly productive start to 2013 at JHND. As ever, if you have any comments or suggestions, please post them here.

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