Always useful to keep this current- especially as I am dealing with this myself this morning.

Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Notes


One of the hardest aspects of a life in research is dealing with rejection. It happens to me a lot. Papers, grant applications, expressions of interest, applications to join panels. It always has, right through from my earliest days as a PhD student up to the present when I am fortunate to be a senior academic with millions of pounds of funding and over a hundred papers behind me. So how do we cope?

1. If it doesn’t hurt then that isn’t natural. Rejection is an unpleasant experience. Go home and shout at the cat, kick the wall, stand on the beach and scream. Get it out of your system in whatever way suits you best. Make sure that whatever you do, you do it immediately and get the hurt, frustration and anger out of your system.

2. Now do it again. Repeat until no longer necessary.

3. Learn from…

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