Our Journal Needs You!

Our Journal Needs You!

Or rather, it needs your best manuscript submissions! The Journal of Human Nutrition publishes papers in the principal areas of:

Clinical Nutrition
Public Health Nutrition and Epidemiology
Nutritional Science
Dietetic Professional Practice

JHND publishes review articles and original research papers (including Short Reports) in these areas. We particularly welcome systematic reviews and meta-analyses in these areas. If you have any suggestions for suitable review topics, please contact the Reviews Editor, Professor Kevin Whelan (kevin.whelan@kcl.ac.uk).

The focus of the journal is upon quality and we especially welcome excellent submissions in the following areas:

Clinical nutrition and the practice of therapeutic dietetics
Clinical and professional guidelines (national and international)
Public health nutrition and nutritional epidemiology
Nutrition and health- global perspectives
Dietary surveys
Health promotion and intervention studies and their effectiveness
Obesity, weight control and body composition
Childhood obesity
Pregnancy and infant feeding
Food choice and the psychology of eating behaviour
Appetite, Food intake and nutritional status
Sociology of food intake

Why publish with JHND?
This journal is going through a period of rapid change. A new, enthusiastic editorial board has the bold aim of making JHND a top- 20 ranked nutrition journal, with a steadily increasing impact factor and a global audience for high quality research. Our new policy of rapid turnaround means that your work can be published online within 3 months of first submission, so your exciting findings can be in the public domain quickly.


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