Meet the senior editors-part 1: Prof Kevin Whelan

Meet the senior editors-part 1: Prof Kevin Whelan

Professor of Dietetics at King’s College London

Area of research interest
The interaction between the gastrointestinal microbiota, dietary composition and health and disease. Kevin performs clinical trials in probiotics, prebiotics, fibre and fermentable carbohydrates, with molecular microbiology to measure their impact on the microbiota.

Role with JHND
Associate Editor in Chief with responsibility for Reviews

What Kevin feels is good about the journal
The breadth of the journal in terms of the four key strategic themes: nutritional science, clinical nutrition, public health nutrition and epidemiology and professional practice. The journal has a very large and wide readership throughout the world including in Europe, United States and Australia.

Priorities for submissions within Kevin’s area of responsibility
We are particularly interested in publishing systematic reviews and meta-analyses related to the four main themes of the journal. It is essential that these follow the strict methodological and reporting criteria for systematic reviews described by PRISMA. Therefore all systematic reviews and meta-analyses should be submitted along with a completed PRISMA checklist . In addition, we are happy to consider world class narrative review papers, but it is recommended that those interested contact me first. Finally, clinical guidelines that have undergone robust guideline development process and that are endorsed by a learned society are also welcomed.

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