Meet the senior editors-part 2: Prof Simon Langley-Evans

Meet the senior editors-part 2: Prof Simon Langley-Evans

Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Nottingham

Area of research interest
Nutrition and early life. Simon has been a pioneer of experimental studies investigating associations between nutrition in pregnancy and disease in later life. He has recently been heavily involved in systematic reviews of the literature concerning weaning, weight in childhood and risk of adult obesity and related disorders.

Role with JHND
Editor- ultimately responsible for everything!

What Simon feels is good about the journal
As a newcomer to the journal in 2013 Simon is enthusiastically embracing the challenges of meeting a strategy to increase impact factor and the reputation of the journal. He particularly values the commitment and quality of the editorial board, who will be instrumental in achieving journal aims.

Priorities for submissions within Simon’s area of responsibility

Simon will generally handle submissions that fall within the ‘nutritional science’ section of the journal. This section focuses on basic science studies of metabolic and physiological responses of the body to diet. We particularly welcome experimental studies in humans, for example in areas that consider feeding behaviour and appetite control, nutritional immunology, energy balance and nutrient requirements.

Find out more at this link.

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