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The November/December issue of the journal will feature the following articles:


The Malnutrition Screening Tool versus objective measures to detect malnutrition in hip fracture.  J. J. Bell, J. D. Bauer and S. Capra

Development of a low phenolic acid diet for the management of orofacial granulomatosis.  H. E. Campbell, M. P. Escudier, P. Milligan, S. J. Challacombe, J. D. Sanderson and M. C. E. Lomer

An exploratory study to evaluate whether medical nutrition therapy can improve dietary intake in hospital patients who eat poorly.  E. Agarwal, M. Ferguson, M. Banks, J. Bauer, S. Capra and E. Isenring



Impact of intrauterine and post-natal nutritional determinants on blood pressure at 4 years of age.  J. Normia, K. Laitinen, E. Isolauri, T. Poussa, J. Jaakkola and T. Ojala

Portion weights of food served in English schools: have they changed following the introduction of nutrient-based standards? J. Pearce, L. Wood and L. Stevens

Year 7 dietary intake: a comparison of two schools with middle–high socio-economic status. H. C. Greatwood, A. Daly-Smith, S. McGregor and J. McKenna

Dietary adequacy and alcohol consumption of Inuvialuit women of child-bearing age in the Northwest Territories, Canada. F. Kolahdooz, K. Spearing, A. Corriveau and S. Sharma

Nutrient intakes, major food sources and dietary inadequacies of Inuit adults living in three remote communities in Nunavut, Canada. S. Sharma, B. N. Hopping, C. Roache and T. Sheehy



Accuracy and preference of measuring resting energy expenditure using a handheld calorimeter in healthy adults. A. M. Madden, L. J. F. Parker and F. Amirabdollahian

A multicomponent lifestyle intervention produces favourable changes in diet quality and cardiometabolic risk indices in hypercholesterolaemic adults. M. Petrogianni, S. Kanellakis, K. Kallianioti, D. Argyropoulou, C. Pitsavos and Y. Manios

Effect of dietary protein on post-prandial glucose in patients with type 1 diabetes. C. Borie-Swinburne, A. Sola-Gazagnes, C. Gonfroy-Leymarie, J. Boillot, C. Boitard and E. Larger



Health professionals’, expert patients’ and dieters’ beliefs and attitudes about obesity.  A. McConnon, R. Gribble, M. M. Raats, J. Stubbs and R Shepherd

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