A pair of papers.

Duane Mellor and colleagues at the University of Hull have published a pair of papers on weight loss and maintenance in a randomised controlled trial of 112 men and women following a commercial programme. The paired papers are: Weight loss in a UK commercial all meal provision study: a randomised controlled trial Weight maintenance over … Continue reading A pair of papers.

The first complete cycle

Last week I did what I believe newspaper editors describe as 'putting an issue to bed'. One of my jobs as Editor is to select the papers from our collection of accepted material that will go into the next issue. This usually happens a few weeks before the issue is published and so last week … Continue reading The first complete cycle

JHND Paper of the Month

The suitability of caffeinated drinks for children: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials, observational studies and expert panel guidelines Carrie Ruxton This systematic review explored the literature considering the effects of caffeine on cognition, behaviour, mood and exercise performance in children and included randomised controlled trials and observational studies. The review found that at lower … Continue reading JHND Paper of the Month