Coming soon…

JHND will be publishing a supplement in the New Year, entitled Developing technological solutions for dietary assessment in children and young people. The supplement has been edited by Profs Ashley Adamson and Tom Baranowski and includes a series of papers on innovative approaches for accurate assessment of dietary intakes in young people. Many of these describe web-based … Continue reading Coming soon…

The hottest papers of 2013

As Journal Editor I have to keep a constant eye on citation statistics and other metrics about journal performance. Like it or not, the quality of our journal is interpreted from inspection of the Journal Impact Factor, and that is derived from the number of times our articles are cited by other papers over a … Continue reading The hottest papers of 2013

Coronary heart disease mortality in the countries of the Seven Countries Study

Coronary heart disease mortality in relation to dietary, lifestyle and biochemical risk factors in the countries of the Seven Countries Study: a secondary dataset analysisPapandreou and Tuomilehto, JHND Early View.BackgroundThe present study explored coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality rates in 2011 in countries that participated in the Seven Countries Study (SCS) in relation to several … Continue reading Coronary heart disease mortality in the countries of the Seven Countries Study

JHND publishes BDA guidelines on Crohn’s Disease

British Dietetic Association evidence-based guidelines for the dietary management of Crohn's disease in adultsLee et al. on behalf of Gastroenterology Specialist Group of the British Dietetic Association. JHND Early View.BackgroundCrohn's disease is a debilitating chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Appropriate use of diet and nutritional therapy is integral to the overall management strategy of Crohn's disease. The … Continue reading JHND publishes BDA guidelines on Crohn’s Disease

The Healthy Growth Study, Greece

Revised Healthy Lifestyle-Diet Index and associations with obesity and iron deficiency in schoolchildren: The Healthy Growth Study Manios et al., JHND Early View. Background The Healthy Lifestyle-Diet Index (HLD-index), previously developed to assess the degree of adherence to dietary and lifestyle guidelines for primary schoolchildren, was revised according to updated recommendations. Τhe association of the … Continue reading The Healthy Growth Study, Greece