JHND January-February running order

coming soon

The running order for volume 27 issue 1 was set today, and the issue should hit the aether in the next week or two.

Review Article

A review of the mechanisms and effectiveness of dietary polyphenols in reducing oxidative stress and thrombotic risk. Santhakumar et al.

Clinical Nutrition

Comparing the effectiveness of a multi-component weight loss intervention in adults with and without intellectual disabilities. Spanos et al.

Living with coeliac disease: a grounded theory study. Rose and Howard.

Nutrient intake in adolescent girls and boys diagnosed with coeliac disease at an early age is mostly comparable to their non-coeliac contemporaries. Kautto et al.

Public Health Nutrition and Epidemiology

Micronutrient malnutrition profile of infants in South India. Amrutha Veena et al.

Nutrition labelling and the choices logo in Israel: positions and perceptions of leading health policy makers. Gesser-Edelsburg et al.

Dietary fat intake, circulating and membrane fatty acid composition of healthy Norwegian men and women. Min et al.

Prevalence of being underweight and overweight and obesity at diagnosis in UK patients with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 1985–2002. Aldhafiri et al.

Nutritional Science

The effect of posture on body circumferences in older adults. Sousa et al.

Dietetic and Professional Practice

Barriers and facilitators to screening for malnutrition by community nurses: a qualitative study. Green et al.

A comparison of general practitioners prescribing of gluten-free foods for the treatment of coeliac disease with national prescribing guidelines. Martin and Mercer.

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