Predatory Journals!


We are now in the era of Open Access publishing, with universities and funding councils pushing scientists towards publishing articles in journals that make all material available free of charge to readers. This is a tricky funding model for publishers as somebody has to pay for the cost of production and running the journal. In most cases the cost is borne by the author who having worked their way through the process of review and revision has to pay the publisher for the article to be available free to view.

This is a model that works pretty well most of the time and JHND, like most journals, gives authors the option to not pay for open access. For many journals this means that the article is not freely available for the first couple of years post-publication, with open access after this period. However, their are villains working their way into the market and a swathe of bogus journals have been launched with the sole intention of billing authors once their articles are accepted. These are predatory journals and need to be avoided like the plague.

Jeffrey Beall who blogs at Scholarly Open Access has very helpfully put together this list of possibly suspect ‘journals’, which may help prospective authors avoid getting ripped off.


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