The Rose Simmonds Award- £2000 for a publication by a BDA member

The Rose Simmonds Award

The Award for the year 2014 will be given for:


Those entering the Award should be aware of the following criteria:

The dietitian must be an acknowledged author and the published work must be addressed to
professional colleagues.  It is anticipated that this scientific work would encompass findings,
results, outcomes and undertakings.  Other examples include meta-analysis or robust
evaluation of clinical effectiveness.

The applicant may be

  1. sole author, or
  2. principal author of a multi-author publication, or
  3. two or more BDA members in equal joint partnership.    

The entry must be an original research paper published in print in a peer reviewed journal
during the calendar year 2013.

The dietitian can submit items previously submitted for other external awards.

Members may submit more than one entry provided they meet the above criteria.
The Award is open to all full BDA members and the winner will receive £2,000.

The dietitian must be an acknowledged author and have made a significant contribution to the research. The winner will be expected to present their work at a BDA national event.  If the winning entry has multiple authors, the BDA GET Fund will only be able to support attendance for one person.

How to apply

If you are submitting a journal article, book or educational material, please send four copies of the entry to the Awards Co-Ordinator at the BDA office. You should also submit a covering letter with your name and contact details along with any supporting information for the judges, addressing the criteria for the relevant award you are applying for and how you think your entry meets the criteria.

The BDA will also accept email applications if entries can be submitted in this way. A covering letter, as described above, is also required. Email entries should be sent to

All entries should be submitted by Friday 14th February 2014.

More information about the Rose Simmonds award can be found in the members area on the BDA Website.  

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