New on Early View today.



We have several papers pre-published in Early View today, which can be accessed direct at the links below. Remember, if you like them, cite them!


A systematic review and meta-analysis of interventions for weight management using text messaging

G. Siopis, T. Chey and M. Allman-Farinelli


Nutrition in early life and the programming of adult disease: a review

S. C. Langley-Evans


Original articles

Nutritional quality of the school-day diet in Irish children (5–12 years)

J. Walton, E. M. Hannon and A. Flynn


Positive effect of protein-supplemented hospital food on protein intake in patients at nutritional risk: a randomised controlled trial

T. Munk, A. M. Beck, M. Holst, E. Rosenbom, H. H. Rasmussen, M. A. Nielsen and T. Thomsen


Qualitative analysis of the contributions of nutritionists to the development of an online instrument for monitoring the food intake of schoolchildren

V. F. Davies, E. Kupek, M. A. de Assis, R. Engel, F. F. da Costa, P. F. Di Pietro, S. Natal, D. Thompson and T. Baranowski


Poor quality diet is associated with overweight status and obesity in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

A. M. dos S. Rodrigues, L. B. Martins, A. M. T. Franklin, A. L. Candido, L. C. dos Santos and A. V. M. Ferreira



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