BDA Research Symposium Abstracts

JHND will be publishing the abstracts from the British Dietetic Association Research Symposium to be held in Birmingham on December 3rd. I will be there to man the journal editorial desk. All authors will need to see and approve the proposed edits for the published versions of their abstracts and to address any pre-publication queries. … Continue reading BDA Research Symposium Abstracts

Seeking a new Commissioned Reviews Editor- are you interested?

The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing original research papers and reviews in applied nutrition and dietetics, focussing on: nutritional science; clinical nutrition; public health nutrition and epidemiology; and dietetic professional practice. The editorial board consists of international experts from these disciplines. The journal is indexed in numerous databases … Continue reading Seeking a new Commissioned Reviews Editor- are you interested?

Refeeding syndrome and student dietitians

Agreement between student dietitians' identification of refeeding syndrome risk with refeeding guidelines, electrolytes and other dietitians: a pilot study Matthews et al., JHND Early View Background Limited research exists concerning how consistently and accurately student and newly-graduated dietitians are identifying refeeding syndrome risk in hospitalised patients. The present study aimed to determine the consistency of students' … Continue reading Refeeding syndrome and student dietitians

Obesity- it’s in your neighbourhood

The spatial clustering of obesity: does the built environment matter? Huang et al., JHND Early View Background Obesity rates in the USA show distinct geographical patterns. The present study used spatial cluster detection methods and individual-level data to locate obesity clusters and to analyse them in relation to the neighbourhood built environment. Methods The 2008–2009 … Continue reading Obesity- it’s in your neighbourhood