Incentivising healthy eating in the workplace

Lessons learnt from a feasibility study on price incentivised healthy eating promotions in workplace catering establishments MackisonĀ et al., JHND Early View. Background It is recognised that the worksite catering sector is likely to play a pivotal role in influencing dietary intake in adults of working age. The present study aimed to assess the feasibility of … Continue reading Incentivising healthy eating in the workplace


Practice that goes beyond dubious

As Editor of the journal I receive a lot of JHND related email every week. This ranges from enquiries about the suitability of proposed manuscripts for the journal, to queries about the reasoning behind the rejection of a paper. This week a new trend appears to have infected my email inbox. I have had three … Continue reading Practice that goes beyond dubious

Coming soon…

The running order for the November/December issue of the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics is: CLINICAL NUTRITION Impact of a customised dietary intervention on antioxidant status, dietary intakes and periodontal indices in patients with adult periodontitis. Zare JavidĀ et al., A questionnaire survey on the usage of low protein staple foods by people with phenylketonuria … Continue reading Coming soon…