Supplement coming soon!

We will shortly be publishing a supplement entitled: Pregnancy, infancy and childhood (due out in December with a cover date of January 2015). The contents are:

Invited Review

S. C. LANGLEY-EVANS: Nutrition in early life and the programming of adult disease: a review

Research Papers

S. A. WILKINSON, P. VAN DER PLIGT, K. S. GIBBONS and H. D. MCINTYRE: Trial for Reducing Weight Retention in New Mums: a randomised controlled trial evaluating a low intensity, postpartum weight management programme

A. MCGIVERON, S. FOSTER, J. PEARCE, M. A. TAYLOR, S. MCMULLEN and S. C. LANGLEY-EVANS:  Limiting antenatal weight gain improves maternal health outcomes in severely obese pregnant women: findings of a pragmatic evaluation of a midwife-led intervention

P. BARBIERI, L. C. CRIVELLENTI, R. Y. NISHIMURA and D. S. SARTORELLI: Validation of a food frequency questionnaire to assess food group intake by pregnant women

U. HOPPU, K. LAITINEN, J. JAAKKOLA and M. SANDELL: The hTAS2R38 genotype is associated with sugar and candy consumption in preschool boys


A. AVERY, L. BOSTOCK and F. MCCULLOUGH: A systematic review investigating interventions that can help reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in children leading to changes in body fatness

Research Papers

V. F. DAVIES, E. KUPEK, M. A. DE ASSIS, R. ENGEL, F. F. DA COSTA, P. F. DI PIETRO, S. NATAL, D. THOMPSON and T. BARANOWSKI: Qualitative analysis of the contributions of nutritionists to the development of an online instrument for monitoring the food intake of schoolchildren

J. WALTON, E. M. HANNON and A. FLYNN: Nutritional quality of the school-day diet in Irish children (5–12 years)

J. GILLESPIE, C. MIDMORE, J. HOEFLICH, C. NESS, P. BALLARD and L. STEWART: Parents as the start of the solution: a social marketing approach to understanding triggers and barriers to entering a childhood weight management service

V. F. DAVIES, E. KUPEK, M. A. DE ASSIS, S. NATAL, P. F. DI PIETRO and T. BARANOWSKI:Validation of a web-based questionnaire to assess the dietary intake of Brazilian children aged 7–10 years

Keep a look out for a further supplement on obesity in the New Year!


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