Review of the year


Ok, I am just a little early in doing this, but I thought I would get in ahead of all of the less interesting reviews of 2014 (all that bad news about ISIS and Ebola will just make you sad) and give an account of what has been happening at JHND over the last year. This is in fact the end of my second year as Editor and the time has flown by, leaving me feeling as if I am still the new boy.

We have had an incredibly busy year on every level and also had the good news in the summer that our impact factor had increased for the third year running, taking us over the 2.0 mark for the first time.

In 2014 we have published the following:

6 standard issues comprising volume 27 of JHND
2 supplementary issues, including a special issue on Developing technological solutions for dietary assessment in children and young people
3 virtual issue collections on Coeliac Disease, Clinical Nutritional Assessment and Childhood Obesity.

The three virtual issues have all been new collaborations with other journals, seeing us working alongside the Journal of Clinical Nursing, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Maternal and Child Nutrition.

Over the year we have received 372 new manuscript submissions, which is more than came into the office in 2013, Of the 358 submissions that we have processed to final decision, 66 manuscripts have been accepted for publication (a success rate of 19%). The senior editorial team and our reviewers have done a fantastic job of keeping things moving, enabling us to make first decisions on 87% of all papers submitted within 30 days of receipt.

Working with our publishers Wiley, we have made a number of changes to the journal website to make it more attractive, including the new improved BDA logo, clear signposting to our virtual issues and to the new Wiley JHND app, enabling iPhone and iPad users to simply view JHND content on their devices. We have also introduced an Editors Pick feature to the webpage. This makes one article from each issue free to access for a period of two months and highlights key material.

Behind the scenes we have been reshaping the Editorial Board. These are the very important people who help shape the strategic direction of the journal and who give freely of their time to promote the journal and do more than the usual share of manuscript review. A big thanks to all those who have engaged with this work in 2014. There are some further changes coming soon, which I hope to announce before the end of the year. The international focus of the journal is expanding, with a healthy group of new EB members from North America, Australia and New Zealand.

As Editor I have continued to be active in the work that I do to promote writing and publication to those who are new to research and less familiar with the publication process. On this blog you will find the How to Write series that I wrote earlier in the year, which has received a lot of downloads. I hope that it has been useful. In addition I attended the British Dietetic Research Symposium in early December, where I met all of the authors of the abstracts to discuss revision in preparation for their publication in JHND (expected in March). It was great to meet so many people and I was honoured to select prize winners and present awards for the best abstracts in each of the four themes for the conference.

I hope that you have enjoyed the journal over the last year and that you will continue to read, engage with and submit your work to JHND in 2015.

With best wishes

Simon Langley-Evans


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