Association of cannabinoid receptor polymorphism with lipid profile

Polymorphism G1359A of the cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1): allelic frequencies and influence on cardiovascular risk factors in a multicentre study of Castilla-Leon

de Luis et al., JHND Early View


A polymorphism (1359 G/A) of the CNR1 gene was reported as a common polymorphism in Caucasian populations and was related to cardiovascular risk factors. The present study aimed to investigate the allelic distribution of polymorphism (G1359A) of the CB1 receptor gene in a geographical area of Spain (Community of Castilla y Leon) and to evaluate the influence of this polymorphism on obesity anthropometric parameters and cardiovascular risk factors in the fasted state in obese patients.


A population of 341 obese subjects was analysed. Tetrapolar electrical bioimpedance measurement, blood pressure measurement, a serial assessment of nutritional intake with 3 days of written food records and a biochemical analysis were all performed.


One hundred and seventy-seven patients (51.9%) had the genotype G1359G (wild-type group) and 164 (48.1%) patients were A carriers: G1359A (136 patients; 39.9%) or A1359A (28 patients; 8.2%) (mutant type group). The Health Area of Palencia had a lower frequency of wild-type genotype and G allelic frequency than all the other Health Areas. Segovia and Burgos Areas had a higher frequency of wild-type genotype and G allelic frequency than the other Health Areas. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol was higher in the mutant type group and blood tryglicerides were lower in the same group.


In conclusion, the novel finding of the present study is the association of the mutant type group G1359A and A1359A with a better lipid profile (triglycerides and HDL cholesterol) than the wild-type group. The frequencies of this polymorphism are different among Health Areas of Castilla y Leon (Spain).

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