Coming soon- March/April issue of JHND

Volume 28(2) of JHND will be published soon. The table of contents will be as follows:

Clinical Nutrition

Royal College of Physicians Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party evidence-based guidelines for the secondary prevention of stroke through nutritional or dietary modification. Hookway et al.  

Public Health Nutrition and Epidemiology

Choosing the best method to estimate the energy density of a population using food purchase data. Wrieden et al.

Food frequency questionnaire as an indicator of the serum composition of essential n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in early pregnancy, according to body mass index. Lepsch et al.

Evidenced-based, practical food portion sizes for preschool children and how they fit into a well balanced, nutritionally adequate diet. More et al.

Nutritional Science

Effect of weight maintenance or gain in a 10 years period over telomere length, sirtuin 1 and 6 expression and carotid intima media thickness. Bunout et al.

Impact of eating and drinking on body composition measurements by bioelectrical impedance. Androutsos et al.

Conference abstracts

Abstracts of the 2014 British Dietetic Association Research Symposium

Don’t forget that you can view all upcoming JHND content at our Early View site online. All past content of the journal is available at this link. You can sign up for e-TOC alerts via the journal website.


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