Issue 28(4) – coming soon!

The July/August issue of JHND will be published soon. The contents for this issue are:

Wandrag et al., Impact of supplementation with amino acids or their metabolites on muscle wasting in patients with critical illness or other wasting disease: systematic review.

Huynh et al., Effects of oral nutritional supplementation in the management of malnutrition in hospital and post-hospital discharge in India- a randomised, open-label, controlled trial.

Karam et al., Cardiovascular disease biomarkers in patients with inborn errors of protein metabolism: a pilot study.

Mokhtari et al., Relationship between dietary approaches to stop hypertension score and Alternative Healthy Eating Index score with plasma asymmetrical dimethylarginine levels in patients referring coronary angiography.

Roberts et al., Nutrition care related practices and factors affecting nutritional intakes in hospital patients at risk of pressure ulcers.

Bandara et al., Current infant feeding practices and impact on growth of babies during second half of infancy.

Amezdroz et al., Transition from milks to the introduction of solid foods across the first two years of life: findings from an Australian birth cohort study.

Gaba et al., Comparison of multi- and single-frequeancy bioelectrical impedance analysis with dual x ray absorptiometry for assessment of body composition in post-menopausal women: effects of body mass index and accelerometer-determined physical activity.

Hebden et al., ‘You are what you choose to eat’. Factors influencing young adults’ food selection behaviour.

Georgioulis et al., Associations between dietary intake and the presence of metabolic syndrome in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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