Our new Impact Factor


It’s that time of year again, when journal editors all over the world scour the lists of journal impact factors to find out their fate. Love them or loathe them, impact factors are the main external esteem indicator for journals and researchers in universities are increasingly under pressure to publish in the highest impact journals, and ideally in the top 10 for their discipline.

The amazing news for Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics is that our impact factor has today been announced to be 2.583 (up from 1.987) and our position in the table for Nutrition and Dietetics journal has climbed from 49th to 35th. Champagne corks are on the verge of popping in the office!



Here are selected items from the Nutrition and Dietetics Category

Ranking     Title                                     Impact Factor

1                   Prog Lipid Res                     11.236
2                  Annual Rev Nutrition        6.784
3                  Am J Clin Nutr                      6.703
4                 Nutrition Reviews                5.591
5                  Crit Reviews Food Sci Nut 5.492
17               Journal of Nutrition             3.740
23               British Journal of Nut          3.311
30               Appetite                                   3.125
33                Nutrition and diabetes       2.773
34               Nutritional neuroscience   2.616
35               JHND                                       2.583
36               Nutrition Research               2.523
37                Annals Nutrition Metab     2.461
38               Public Health Nutrition      2.433
65               Nutrition and Dietetics      0.899



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