November/December issue


The year 2016 is moving steadily onwards and here in the UK the temperatures are plummeting. The latest issue of the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics is available online now and we have a great series of articles.

JHND Volume 29Issue 6

Weight and Health

Outcomes of a community-based weight management programme for morbidly obese populations (pages 669–676) L. Nield and S. Kelly

Implementing healthier foodservice guidelines in hospital and federal worksite cafeterias: barriers, facilitators and keys to success (pages 677–686) S. B. Jilcott Pitts, J. Graham, A. Mojica, L. Stewart, M. Walter, C. Schille, J. McGinty, M. Pearsall, O. Whitt, P. Mihas, A. Bradley and C. Simon

Setting targets leads to greater long-term weight losses and ‘unrealistic’ targets increase the effect in a large community-based commercial weight management group (pages 687–696) A. Avery, S. C. Langley-Evans, M. Harrington and J. A. Swift (Open Access)

Nutritional Assessment and Screening

Implementation of nutrition risk screening using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool across a large metropolitan health service (pages 697–703) P. L. Cooper, R. Raja, J. Golder, A. J. Stewart, R. F. Shaikh, M. Apostolides, J. Savva, J. L. Sequeira and M. A. Silver

Evaluation of the nutritional status of older hospitalised geriatric patients: a comparative analysis of a Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) version and the Nutritional Risk Screening (NRS 2002) (pages 704–713) S. Christner, M. Ritt, D. Volkert, R. Wirth, C. C. Sieber and K.-G. Gaßmann

Body composition and functional assessment of nutritional status in adults: a narrative review of imaging, impedance, strength and functional techniques (pages 714–732) S. Smith and A. M. Madden


Nutritional intervention as part of functional rehabilitation in older people with reduced functional ability: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled studies (pages 733–745) A. M. Beck, E. Dent and C. Baldwin


Meats, milk and fat consumption in colorectal cancer (pages 746–756) R. F. Tayyem, H. A. Bawadi, I. Shehadah, S. S. AbuMweis, L. M. Agraib, T. Al-Jaberi, M. Al-Nusairr, D. D. Heath and K. E. Bani-Hani

Dietary patterns and risk of colorectal adenoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies (pages 757–767) J. Godos, F. Bella, A. Torrisi, S. Sciacca, F. Galvano and G. Grosso

A prospective study comparing prophylactic gastrostomy to nutritional counselling with a therapeutic feeding tube if required in head and neck cancer patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy in Thai real-world practice (pages 768–776) P. Pramyothin, S. Manyanont, A. Trakarnsanga, J. Petsuksiri and S. Ithimakin


The accuracy of dietary recall of infant feeding and food allergen data (pages 777–785) Z. van Zyl, K. Maslin, T. Dean, R. Blaauw and C. Venter

Taste preference, food neophobia and nutritional intake in children consuming a cows’ milk exclusion diet: a prospective study (pages 786–796) K. Maslin, K. Grimshaw, E. Oliver, G. Roberts, S. H. Arshad, T. Dean, J. Grundy, G. Glasbey and C. Venter – Editor’s Pick for December

Nutrition and Metabolism

The effect of soy or isoflavones on homocysteine levels: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials (pages 797–804) X. Song, R. Zeng, L. Ni and C. Liu

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