New issue now available


The final issue of JHND for 2017 is now available to download and browse.

The themes for this issue are:


The challenge of nutritional management in people with kidney disease (pages 679–680) S. Langley-Evans and N. Thomas

Lipids Health and Disease

Oral fish oil positively influences nutritional-inflammatory risk in patients with haematological malignancies during chemotherapy with an impact on long-term survival: a randomised clinical trial (pages 681–692) T. R. Chagas, D. S. Borges, P. F. de Oliveira, M. C. Mocellin, A. M. Barbosa, C. Q. Camargo, J. Â. G. Del Moral, A. Poli, P. C. Calder, E. B. S. M. Trindade and E. A. Nunes

Algal supplementation of vegetarian eating patterns improves plasma and serum docosahexaenoic acid concentrations and omega-3 indices: a systematic literature review (pages 693–699) J. C. Craddock, E. P. Neale, Y. C. Probst and G. E. Peoples

Post-lunch triglyceridaemia associates with HDLc and insulin resistance in fasting normotriglyceridaemic menopausal women (pages 700–708) A. Sanz-Paris, A. Rodriguez-Valle, M. A. Navarro, J. Puzo-Foncillas and J. M. Arbones-Mainar

Gastrointestinal Disorders

What are the dietary treatment research priorities for inflammatory bowel disease? A short report based on a priority setting partnership with the James Lind Alliance(pages 709–713) M. C. Lomer, A. L. Hart, A. Verjee, A. Daly, J. Solomon and J. Mclaughlin

Dietary glycaemic index and glycaemic load and upper gastrointestinal disorders: results from the SEPAHAN study (pages 714–723) A.H. Keshteli, F. Haghighatdoost, L. Azadbakht, H. Daghaghzadeh, C. Feinle-Bisset, H. Afshar, A. Feizi, A. Esmaillzadeh and P. Adibi

Disordered eating patterns in coeliac disease: a framework analysis (pages 724–736) R.-M. Satherley, S. Higgs and R. Howard

An evaluation of the feasibility and validity of a patient-administered malnutrition universal screening tool (‘MUST’) compared to healthcare professional screening in an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) outpatient clinic (pages 737–745) K. Keetarut, S. Zacharopoulou-Otapasidou, S. Bloom, A. Majumdar and P. S. Patel

The economic burden of gluten-free products and gluten-free diet: a cost estimation analysis in Greece (pages 746–752) S. Panagiotou and M. D. Kontogianni

Pregnancy and Infant Nutrition

Dietary epigallocatechin 3-gallate supplement improves maternal and neonatal treatment outcome of gestational diabetes mellitus: a double-blind randomised controlled trial (pages 753–758) H. Zhang, S. Su, X. Yu and Y. Li

Breastfeeding as a public health responsibility: a review of the evidence (pages 759–770) A. Brown

Effect of RRR-α-tocopherol supplementation on serum of breastfeeding women up to 60 days after delivery: a randomised controlled trial (pages 771–778) L. Q. Lira, C. S. S. Gurgel, A. L. de Sousa, A. G. A. da Silva, J. C. Padovam, M. N. Moia, R. L. M. Silva and R. Dimenstein

Birthweight, HIV exposure and infant feeding as predictors of malnutrition in Botswanan infants (pages 779–790) P. Chalashika, C. Essex, D. Mellor, J. A. Swift and S. Langley-Evans

Nutrition in Deprivation

Deprivation and healthy food access, cost and availability: a cross-sectional study(pages 791–799) S. Williamson, M. McGregor-Shenton, B. Brumble, B. Wright and C. Pettinger





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