Uncontrolled eating promotes excessive weight gain after liver transplantation

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 21.21.59.pngFerreira et al., JHND Early View Unknown


Weight gain and obesity are important issues in liver transplant (LTx) recipients. Although dietary habits are probably related to excessive weight gain after LTx, some studies have failed to demonstrate these associations. The present study aimed to assess eating behaviour and verify its association with weight gain and excessive weight among LTx recipients.


The investigation comprised a cross‐sectional study. Post‐LTx patients, aged >18 years were evaluated about their eating behaviour [Three Factor Eating Questionnaire–R21 (TFEQ‐R21)]. The scores of the TFEQ‐R21 [uncontrolled eating (UE), cognitive restraint (CR) and emotional eating (EE)] were determined. Excessive weight was classified as body mass index ≥25 kg/m² and obesity ≥30 kg/m².


In total, 270 patients (age 58.0 years; range 20.0–77.0 years; 64.1% men) were assessed. Average weight gain was 8.0 kg (range −16.0 to 41.0 kg). Of the patients, 64.1% (n = 173) had excessive weight and 23.3% (n = 63) were obese. Post‐LTx weight gain was significantly correlated with UE (r = 0.311, P < 0.001) and EE (r = 0.287, P < 0.001). Patients with excessive weight had significantly higher scores than others: CR (61.0; range 0–122.0 versus 44.0; range 0–116.0) (P = 0.003) and EE (11.0; range 0–100.0 versus 0.0; range 0–100.0) (P = 0.030). Patients with obesity had higher scores than non‐obese UE (22.0; range 0–77.0 versus 14.0; range 0–85.0; P = 0.028), CR (55.0; range 11.0–116.0 versus 50.0; range 0–122.0) (P = 0.017) and EE (16.0; range 0–100.0 versus 5.0; range 0–100.0) individuals (P < 0.001). The greatest quartiles of weight gain had higher scores on the eating behaviours of UE and EE, especially those with weight gain ≥14 kg. UE was associated with weight gain. CR was associated with being overweight. EE was associated with obesity.


Uncontrolled eating is associated with weight gain, CR was associated with excessive weight and EE was associated with obesity after LTx.

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