Letters to @JHND Editor




The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics operates to a strict annual page budget and prioritises the publication of original articles and reviews. We rarely publish letters to the editor that are comments or responses to published papers. However, the need for discussion and debate about work is something that we recognise and value. As a journal with an active blog, we welcome letters to the editor for publication on this site. Any letters or comments on specific articles will be passed on to the authors of the original paper with an invitation to make a response, again through this site.


3 thoughts on “Letters to @JHND Editor

  1. Hello, I have just been reading the article Living with coeliac disease: a grounded theory study in the issue that appeared last February Vol 27 (1). I am just wondering why in what is a qualitative piece of work the heading of “Statistical analysis” is used? Kind regards

    1. Linda
      That’s a good point which seems have eluded the peer reviewers and associate editor that handled the paper. Calling this statistical analysis does not make sense. ‘Data analysis’ would be more appropriate.


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